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Homework assignment

  1. Come up with a mission statement for this site/tool
  2. Come up with an ideal set of capabilities that our tool should offer—the underlying requirement for the system
  3. Come up with a brief business/money generation scheme associate with the tool, that is, how do we make money? What is the Revenue aspect of the plan?

Wiki instructions:

  • need to be logged in to edit, contact Frosti if in doubt
  • add your contribution below
  • e.g. copy/paste the lines between the comment tags below and fill in with your contribution
  • replace the word model (which is between the double = signs) with your name
  • optionally add your signature at the bottom of your entry (use the second button from right when editing)
  • formatting help etc. is at http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Formatting


  • Mission statement:
  • Capabilities of tool:
  • Business generation:


to be improved over time

  • Mission statement:
    • Industrial [r]evolution -- reinventing manufacturing, i.e. creating a "parallel universe" (albeit temporal) of digital (and personal or maybe: low-fi, or nearby) manufacturing complementing the global make industry.
    • Giving back relevance to "making".
    • Enable "people" to be makers again -- as an essential local resource in any community (resilience).
    • Linking up those making communities across the globe. -- Question: is this by self-declaration or by accreditation
  • Capabilities of tool:
    • directory of capabilities, needs to be "certified" in some way (probably fab central style)
    • internal "ask for help" system, could be modeled around http://www.starmind.com (am in contact with ceo) which includes (1) asking questions (including reward system), (2) commenting, (3) answering, (4) discussion of answers, (5) rating of answers and questions, which is accumulated into a community wide "karma" system
    • "sub-contracting" or "bidding" or "out-sourcing" or "tendering" system (public?)
  • Business generation:
    • freemium model for directory entry
    • micro payments in "ask for help" system
    • tendering system to pay overheads to global network
    • long tail revenue system for local production of "(almost) anything"

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