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Homework assignment

  1. Come up with a mission statement for this site/tool
  2. Come up with an ideal set of capabilities that our tool should offer—the underlying requirement for the system
  3. Come up with a brief business/money generation scheme associate with the tool, that is, how do we make money? What is the Revenue aspect of the plan?

Wiki instructions:

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  • add your contribution below
  • e.g. copy/paste the lines between the comment tags below and fill in with your contribution
  • replace the word model (which is between the double = signs) with your name
  • optionally add your signature at the bottom of your entry (use the second button from right when editing)
  • formatting help etc. is at http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Formatting


  • Mission statement:
  • Capabilities of tool:
  • Business generation:


to be improved over time

  • Mission statement:
    • Develop, implement and run a system (that includes f2f and online, synchronous and asynchronous elements) in order to
      • exchange experience about achieving sustainability at individual labs
      • add an international distribution mechanism to individual labs business models to make (the individual lab’s) own business international
      • leverage the network's capacities, making the skills and knowledge of individual labs (and eventually individual lab users) available globally as sources of knowledge and production
    • This system relates to the following points:
      • Industrial [r]evolution -- reinventing manufacturing, i.e. creating a "parallel universe" (albeit temporal) of digital (and personal or maybe: low-fi, or nearby) manufacturing complementing the global make industry.
      • Giving back relevance to "making".
      • Enable "people" to be makers again -- as an essential local resource in any community (resilience).
      • Linking up those making communities across the globe. -- Question: is this by self-declaration or by accreditation
  • Capabilities of tool:
    • directory of capabilities, needs to be "certified" in some way (probably fab central style) -- on the level of labs and individuals
    • internal "ask for help" system which includes
      1. asking questions (including reward system, both in terms of money/micropayments and karma),
      2. commenting / clarifying questions,
      3. providing answers/solutions,
      4. discussion of answers/solutions,
      5. rating of answers and questions (which could be accumulated into a community wide "karma" system to supplement the accreditation mechanism)
    • "sub-contracting" or "bidding" or "out-sourcing" or "tendering" system (public?)
  • Business generation:
    • freemium model for directory entry
    • micro payments in "ask for help" system
    • tendering system might want to pay overheads to global network
    • long tail revenue system for local production of "(almost) anything"

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