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Dr. Peter Troxler: I'll try to fix people for next week, yes
Dr. Peter Troxler: I'll try to fix people for next week, yes

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update by Anu

so my update would be: still finishing off things there, have not had time to update the community things at all let alone work on other Drupal things. (the intention is still there but need to get documentator finished and documented, out of the way!)

with Drupal, it's also possible to do a whole workflow type thing to guide people through the process of us collecting the signup information and them finishing a fabmoment before leaving

that part would be an issue with wordpress, but depends on what additional info you need to collect

for us, it's important to get people's "metadata" for the admin personnel (ie funding parties)

it's basically a state machine, getting you through some steps...

so signing up for a user profile takes care of the data collection, starting a new fabmoment is the documentation effort (also part of our data collection in this case). and the rest is Drupal offering tools for making the process more obvious and smooth for users

(Rules & Workflow modules, FYI)

actually, I ended up writing a custom module too to safekeep the checkin data. Drupal logging as such was not keeping things for long enough time, and not in ways that made for nice documenting for the admin personnnel

well, I tried very long time to make it with Drupal modules and configuration advice already out there but realised I would have needed to make a little custom thing anyway even to collect things from the main log with a cronjob so...

ended up hooking the custom logging module with the rules directly and save things into custom table. Should also make it dead-simple to make custom reports as requested (or requests change over time)

by the end of this week with the "finished" version

right now still want to make damn sure it's actually working before saying "go take a look" to the world at large

update by Peter Troxler

I have made some progress regarding wordpress / custom post types and custom fields etc. recently, but nothing documented yet

I'm grasping the concept now and have implemented custom post types with custom fields and custom entry panel for the fablab luzern competition ... so it should be easy to say implement that for a wordpress version of the documentator back end or for fab moments

and I think it actually would be a good exercise to use the documentator and try to replicate it in wordpress and then let you have a go at it. this is checking two ways: is the documentator understandable for outsiders like me -- and is it real or just pretending that WP could do the same

next meeting

hm, so I guess platform call, try again next week, same Fab place, same Fab time?

Dr. Peter Troxler: I'll try to fix people for next week, yes