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FabLab Reykjavík photostream: flickr.com/photos/fablab-reykjavik

We are set up to inspire how you can turn your idea's into a prototype, a product or art & design trough digital fabrication. We teach open source software and have a large facility with various machines and processes available.

(+354) 567 5522
Eddufell 2, 111 Reykjavík
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Fab Lab kennsla Facebook group
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Project idea's & documentation for teachers

Fab Lab is short for Fabrication Laboratory. Fab Lab Reykjavík was opened on January 24th, 2014 as a collaboration between the Reykjavíkurborg, Fjölbrautaskólinn í Breiðholti and Nýsköpunarmiðstöð Íslands. Our lab's capability's include laser cutting, vinyl cutting, heatpress, 3D scanning & printing, large format cnc milling, molding & casting, creating circuit boards and programming electronics.

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Schedule / Opening Hours

Teacher training

Every week we have training time reserved in our schedule for all teachers who want to learn how to Fab Lab. Everybody is welcome from 3 till 6 o'clock. In this time you can work on your own interest and consult with us about class projects. We have 14 computers available, but I recommend bringing your own laptop with you as well.

Each session we will introduce new topics.
lecture is free of charge, and will be in English.
to stay up-to-date with our teachers events : follow our fab lab kennsla facebook group.
and you can send questions or topic requests to reykjavik@fablab.is

Topic schedule
Monday 21 September : inkscape - vinyl cutter - How to make a (multi- colored) sticker
Monday 28 September : tinkercad - How to make a 3D drawing
Monday 5 October : inkscape - laser cutter - How to laser cut a press fit object
Wednesday 14 October : inkscape - vinyl cutter - How to make a (multi- colored) sticker
Monday 26 October : 3d scanning - How to scan a object with 123D Catch
Monday 2 November ː ..?
Monday 9 November ː ..?
Wednesday 18 November : inkscape - laser cutter - How to laser cut a press fit object
Wednesday 25 November : tinkercad - How to make a 3D drawing with Tinkercad
Wednesday 2 December : 3d scanning - How to scan a object with 123D Catch
Wednesday 9 December : ..?
Wednesday 16 December : ..?


Laser cutter

Vinyl cutter

Heat press

Small milling machine

Big milling machine

Note that our Shopbot does not cut Metals
While the Shopbot could cut softer metals (up to Brass) our machine is not set up to cut those.

Available Tools (from Onsrund)
48-005, 52-244BL, 52-280, 52-910, 56-041, 56-082
57-910, 57-287, 64-000, 65-012, 65-025, 77-102

3D scanning

3D printer

Molding and Casting

We have a small stock from www.smooth-on.com



  • 14x computer with open source software and internet
  • 1x presentation console with projector and sound


The Fab Academy is a 5 month part-time course held at the same time in many Fab Lab around the world, starting each year in January. The program provides advanced instruction about rapid prototyping. Learning how to design, develop and build with digital fabrication techniques and electronica. Weekly classes are directed online in English, by Neil Gershenfeld (of MIT’s Center For Bits and Atoms) and supported by instructor in the local Fab Lab.

The Fab Academy is a fast paced. A hands-on learning experience where you plan and execute a new project each week. Each individual documents their progress of each project, resulting in a personal portfolio of technical accomplishments. Progress towards the diploma is evaluated by the student’s acquired skills rather than time or credits.

Read more ...
Fab Academy archive (2009 - present)
Questions and/or local signup can be directed to

class 2015
Skúlína Hlíf Kjartansdóttir
Þórarinn B.B Gunnarsson
Sigridur Helga Hauksdottir
Margret Oskarsdottir
class 2014
Linda Wanders
Takuma Oami


available on the computers in our Fab Lab

Inkscape, GIMP
Sketchup, Blender, Meshmixer, 123D catch, 123D make
Rhino, V-Carve, PartWorks
Fab modules, Eagle, Arduino

User Projects

Laugargardur project | lasercutting | ENG | creating low budget promotion material for garden project
Prentaður takki fyrir standborvél | 3D printer | IS | replacing broken switch of drillpress
Svona geri ég | 3D printer | ENG | artist creating sculpture for exposition
Lettering tool | lasercutter | ENG | teacher making a custom drawing tool for her students
Amulet | shopbot | ENG | milling in small pieces of wood
Model excavator | 3D printer | ENG | handbuild model of an excavator
Christmas decoration | lasercutter | ENG | learning how to lasercut decorations
Student projects
Order to effect | lasercutting | ENG | cardboard decoration project for 'Design March'
Let's Yellow | lasercutting | ENG | making a plexiglass 'poster'
Hinn fínasti órói | lasercutting | IS | making a hanging mobile
Hlekkur | shopbot | IS | furniture clip prototyping
Scale model Bern Swizerland | lasercutting | ENG | cardboard houses project
Furniture design class | shopbot | ENG | furniture design class
Project with tutorial
Lasercut linoleum stamps | lasercutting | ENG | testing out linoleum setting for stamp making
3D printed phone case | 3D printer | ENG | designing a phone case cover
Sliced cardboard bunny | lasercutting | ENG | making a cardboard bunny in 3D
Analog modular synthesizer panel | lasercutter | ENG | using paint to highlight engraving
Design developed in the lab
whalemobiles.com | lasercutting | ENG | Tests new design functionality
Börkur Design | lasercutting | IS | Tests new designs before committing to production
Project still in development
Automated central tire inflation system | PCB milling | ENG | student project at Reykjavik University
HiKnitterStream | electronics | ENG | how to hack a knitting machine
GuRa design | various | ISK | small diverse projects to learn new techniques



online databanks
thingiverse, living hinge patterns, http://www.craftsmanspace.com, instructables, digital woodjoints, github, fablabs.io/projects
online generator
pressfit box generator, snowflake generator, gear generator
other startups / beta projects
flatfab.com, smoothie-3d.com, mattermachine.com, Autodesk Shapeshifter