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=Further Reading=
A list of near-random readings from the web on Fab Lab business model
* The Fab Fund presentation from Fab5: http://cba.mit.edu/events/09.08.FAB5/FabFund.pdf
* the copy shop (Kinko's) analogy, e.g. http://www.sampablokuper.com/2010/04/19/commercially-copying-the-fab-lab/
* the "market of one": http://www.aps.org/publications/apsnews/200604/gershenfeld.cfm
* Cloud Fab: http://www.cloudfab.com/fab_facts/cloudfab
* the inventor model, e.g. http://wistechnology.com/articles/4908/, http://www.newnorthb2b.com/mar09cvrstry.html
* Eric Hunting ((ToolBook), on the ToolBook microcosm business idea: http://groups.google.com:80/group/openmanufacturing/browse_thread/thread/57c91e1db7b877c8?pli=1
* Fab Labs have a health-club model: http://fussingwithstuff.com/2007/10/personal-fabrication-summit.html
* an interesting interaction on "Open Business Models"; 2 fundamentally different understandings of "open": http://listcultures.org/pipermail/p2presearch_listcultures.org/2009-March/001648.html
* a shapeways blog post on 3D printing:: http://www.shapeways.com/blog/archives/358-HP-3D-printing-PLASTIC-JAM-OPEN-INPUT-TRAYS.html
* Michel Bouwens on peer-to-peer manufacturing: http://www.masternewmedia.org/how-peer-production-and-economic-p2p-model-can-subvert-physical-production/ (on a horrible site)

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Fab Business site



One idea is to organize events or place where the labs can present their ideas. People could join in to the Fab Lab network around the world. Each lab could present few ideas at each time. (2-3)

The purpose of the presentation could be

  • a) to share knowledge
  • b) to seek for knowledge
  • c) to present the idea for possible partners (e.g. technical partners or business partners)

Different meetings could be held around different topics. Each idea should come with some basic information.

Every inventor should write this about his/hers idea:

  • Idea number.
  • Name of idea:
  • Inventors name:
  • Description
  • Collaboration details
  • Type of partner sought
  • Sectors / Categories

These could be events where inventors and possible investors could be led together

Online Community


Physical Presence

Before trying to start TheUltimateFabLabDirectory I'd rather provide a few links to where such information is already collected:

Labs | map

Minimal conditions for being a FabLab (EN/FR/DE)

Africa Europe North America


  • USA
    • Mobile fab lab: MIT
    • Massachusetts, Boston : South End Technology Center (SetC)
    • New York, South Bronx : Sustainable South Bronx
    • Ohio
      • Elyria : Lorain County Community College
      • Cleveland : MC2 STEM High School 41.A
    • Illinois, Chicago: Museum of Science and Industry
    • Wisconsin, Appleton: Fox Valley Technical College
    • Minnesota, White Bear Lake: Century College
    • California, San Diego: Heads on Fire
    • Oklahoma, Ponca City: Pioneer Technology Center (Manufacturing Education Training System Skills on Wheels Mobile Lab)
    • Oklahoma, Claremore: Will Rogers Junior High School

South America

Further Reading

A list of near-random readings from the web on Fab Lab business model