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FabLab Sharing System was a session at Fab6 annual FabLab conference, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Wednesday 18th of August 2010. It was facilicated by Anu Maatta (FabLab Utrecht) - questions / remarks / etc to anu@fabfolk.com or add to the bottom of this page

Presentations (1. background on the state of things now and sessions at Fab6 so far and 2. demo of ProtoSpace and Drupal) Media:Sharing.zip


  • Use of FabFolk.com as THE FabLab community hub and to develop it further (decision @ FabFolk.com FabFoo Monday Aug 16)
  • Place to continue THIS discussion NOW: http://www.fabhub.net/forumdisplay.php?16-Fablab-Community-Building
  • Worldwide foto project - members install wifi camera in lab, take & upload pic in exchange for free camera (Chrissy, FabLab Manchester)
  • Place to continue discussion online after & between the Fab conferences (Jonathan (US))
    • fabhub.net is a forum set up by Jonathan for Fablab community
    • Needs to be set up under the fabfolk.com domain – (for this, fabfolk.com probably needs to become OpenId provider) (Jonathan, Smari))
  • Drupal distro with FabMoments module (for sharing objects made in a FabLab) (Anu, Raoul (Amsterdam), (Frode, Hoylandet, Norway), Clemens (Groningen))
    • Make drupal info (HOWTO, tutorial) avilable on fabfolk.com (Anu)
    • Provide support for individual labs in setting up and maintaining the system
  • Further analysis of sharing needs is needed – social engineering on a higher level (Alan (Illinois, US), Jonathan, Anu) – fabfoo Wednesday 18.8 15.30 in De Waag
  • Mapping what information is missing and making it available (Alan)

Any questions?

Can you kick the forum of with some questions that came out of the session? I wasn't there, but interested in joining the conversation.

-Hi, the session was more about finding (at least the initial) answers than ending with questions - although I bet many of us had/have them! Discussion entry points are (link above wasn't working, fixed now) here and you can find some of the brainstorms in these photos Anu 13:37, 23 August 2010 (UTC)