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Fab Lab
Location: Jalalabad, Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan
Lab managers: Amy Sun (contact)
Opened: Summer 2008


  • 4'x8' Shopbot
  • Epilog laser
  • Modela
  • CAMM
  • NextEngine 3D Scanner
  • 10 OLPC XO laptops
  • 10 Dell Optiplex desktops
  • 2 color inkjet printer / scanners
  • Intelsat 2 Mbps down / 485 kbps up internet connection
  • FabFi network



This info taken from a STAR-TIDES presentation. More info at Reachback:

  • 6 Afghan women come to the compound in Burkas. Inside a US female MIT graduate student teaches them to operate the "classic" fab lab machines — the mini-mill, the vinyl cutter, and the laser cutter.  Using computer aided design and manufacturing they've made vinyl stickers, plotted designs on various materials, silk screened, cut cardboard and acrylic with lasers, made rubber stamps and circuit boards, and soldered components to circuit boards. They return to their villages to teach other Afghanis.
  • From an Afghan Deputy Chief of Police: "I'm not speaking as a police man now, I am speaking as an Afghan. I thank you and your organization peoples for bringing this to our Afghan people. All the time we say that we should send our children to the schools and university in America but here you've brought everything to the Afghans, and connected the Afghans to the university."