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Taking the idea from the RepRap wiki, I think it's good to share these sort of informations (and maybe someday to make group orders for several FabLabs at a time).

If the reprap list is good for filament suppliers, we can have here others things like sheet materials, etc. each on a dedicated page or all on this one (at least for the beginning). --Emmanuel Gilloz 15:34, 16 February 2012 (UTC)

Sheets and flat material

Good to know :

  • you may find local companies that will agree to give you their "wastes" for free (wasted material for them can still be 600 x 400 x 4 mm PMMA by example, pretty good for the laser... and did I forgot to say "for free" ?).
  • On the other hand, try to avoid general stores, except for wood/mdf they are usually expensive (e.g.: 100€/m² of PMMA).
  • There is two kind of plastic sheet : extruded (good for lasercutting) and casted (good for machining).
Flat sheets
Vendor (with link) Shipping location Material(s) Approximate costs Review & Additional notes
Abaqueplast / PlastiqueSurMesure France PMMA  ? -
Les Plastiques de l'Ouest France PMMA and other  ? -
LmiFox France Plywood  ? -
Loraplast France, Nancy PMMA 35€/m² (4mm) -
Gamma-tec France PMMA and a few other  ? Seriplex, Formaglas
Inventables US PMMA, wood, others - -
plastic stockist UK PMMA and others - -
Polydis France PMMA
PS-choc, PE, PC
5€ - 550€ 500 x 500 mm to 2000 x 1000 mm, possible cut to order
2mm to 20mm thick
transparent, color, translucent, diffusing
free shipping at 360€HT
Quinn-plastics - PMMA  ?  ?
SMG Prolians France, Grenoble PMMA, other - -
[Url Company_Name] From Country ABS, HDPE, PE, PLA, PP, PVC Cost Notes, Colors, etc.
  • Le polycarbonate, même s'il est travaillable à la découpe laser en petites épaisseurs (<1mm) , se travaille en général mal, car il brule sur la tranche. Chez sabic, les variétés 9030 (polycarbonate pur) et exellD sont adaptés à cet usage. MAIS les variétés FR2000, FR9000 FR10000,etc... contiennent divers additifs dont du brome et parfois du chlore. Il semblerai que la variété sur laquelle je suis tombée soit du FMR5E (MR veut dire traitement de surface) en l’occurrence, ce traitement de surface-ci est du silicone. On peut donc supposer que le silicone n'est pas adapté à la découpe laser.

Filament for 3d-printers (3mm and 1,75mm)

Below is a table listing suppliers of filament. Costs are only approximate and are likely to change. Always check before ordering, and if you can, update this page. If there are any missing fields in the table, please feel free to update.

See also :

Plastic pellets

Resin and casting