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OpenEdge-Logo-200x200px outline-dashed.jpg

Open Edge : working at the (bleeding) edge of open-hardware

The rural FabLab that will make the FoldaRap, the Mondrian and many other cool open-hardware projects at larger scale production (while being open to the general public).

Founded by Emmanuel Gilloz and Alain Skiba

On the web


  • 5 RepRap (FoldaRap/Mondrian)
  • Electronic stuff and tons of computers
  • 1 huge lasercutter
  • 2 laser scanner


Futur tools for the lab

  • CNC
  • Lathe

Other interesting things:


  • FoldaRap Distributed Manufacturing
  • a CNC shop
  • casting
  • mold making
  • other FabLabs (regional, national, international)
  • industry
  • university