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The Equipment Portal
Fab Lab equipment are the machines and materials we use to create our wonderful products. While individual labs may differ in the exact brand or models of each piece of machine, they share more in common than they differ.

CORE EQUIPMENT also found in some labs
Computer Controlled Subtractive Machining
  • Laser Cutter
e.g. Epilog Mini 24
  • CNC Large Scale Wood Router or Soft Materials Mill
e.g. Shopbot_PRSalpha_120x60
  • Vinyl Cutter
e.g. Roland GX-24 CAMM-1
  • Precision Desktop Milling Machine
e.g. Roland_Modela_MDX-20
Computer Controlled Additive Machining
Communications / Network
Computer Controlled Subtractive Machining
Computer Controlled Additive Machining
  • Embroidery
e.g. Babylock Embroidery Machine
  • 3D printing
e.g. Makerbot_Replicator_2
  • RF Network analysis
eg, Wispy USB spectrum analyzer for 900 MHz - 5 GHz
Communications / Network

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global list of alternative equipment available (table of choice)