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The Labs Portal
Labs are the physical container for machines and the workspaces for people and projects.

This list is user / community generated and maintained. If you don't see your lab listed here, it's because you haven't added it yet! You do not need permissions to add your lab to the list or to edit an entry. This is the place to add (coming) labs or labs that you might wonder if counts as a fablab.

Please indicate the status of your lab:

If you lab does not have a suitable website, you can generate an entry. Please use Category:Labs for any lab entries.

You are welcome AND ENCOURAGED to make the list better organized and more readable.

Country Province/State/City
(as appropriate)
Fab lab location, school affiliation,
name and ideally geo coordinates
Website and contact info Status or rating How Can I Visit?
Afghanistan Nangarhar Jalalabad Fab Lab Jalalabad AAAB+ email to arrange
Austria   Vienna (Happylab - Vienna Fab Lab)   under development
Belgium   Gent (Timelab) http://www.timelab.org/ BCAC
Belgium   Leuven (FabLab Leuven) http://fablab-leuven.be/ ABBA
Costa Rica   Cartago (Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica)    ???
Colombia   Medellin (Fab Lab Medellin)    ???
France   Toulouse (Artilect Fab Lab)   ABAB
Germany   Aachen (RWTH FabLab)
Germany   Berlin (Open Design City)
Germany   Köln (DingFabrik Köln e.V.)    ???
Germany   München (FabLab München e.V.)   B???
Germany   Nürnberg   under development
Ghana   Takoradi (Takoradi Technical Institute)    ???
Hungary   Budapest (Fab Lab Budapest)    ???
Iceland   Akranes (Fab Lab Akranesi)    ???
Iceland   Sauðárkrókur (Fab Lab á Sauðárkróki )    ???
Iceland   Vestmannaeyjar (Innovation Center Iceland)    ???
India   Ahmedabad (National Innovation Foundation)    ???
India   Delhi (Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology)    ???
India   Kanpur (Indian Institute of Technology)    ???
India   Pune (COEP FAB LAB College of Engineering, Pune)    ???
Japan   Hachioji (Tama Art University - FabLab Beta)   under development
Japan   Shonan (Keio University SFC - FabLab Beta)   under development
Kenya   Kisumu (ARO)    ???
Kenya   Nairobi (University of Nairobi)    ???
Netherlands   Amersfoort (FabLab Amersfoort) http://fablabamersfoort.nl/ AAAA
Netherlands   Amsterdam (Waag Society) http://amsterdam.fablab.nl/ AAAA
Netherlands   Arnhem (FabLab Arnhem) http://www.fablabarnhem.nl/ BAAA
Netherlands   Eindhoven   planned / under development
Netherlands   Enschede http://www.fablabenschede.nl/ AABA
Netherlands   FabLabTruck (mobile) http://fablabtruck.nl/ AAAA
Netherlands   Groningen (FabLab Groningen) http://www.fablabgroningen.nl/ AAAA
Netherlands   The Hague (CabFabLab) http://denhaag.fablab.nl/ BAAA
Netherlands   FabLab Zuid-Limburg, Maastricht http://fablabzuidlimburg.nl/ BAAA
Netherlands   Rotterdam trox@fabfolk.com under development
Netherlands   Utrecht (ProtoSpace) http://protospace.nl AAAA just drop in: every Tuesday 13.30-16.30, Thursday 9.30-16.30
Norway   Hoylandet (Hoylandet Kommune)    ???
Norway   Lyngen (Solvik Gard) MIT-Fablab Norway AAAA just drop in!
Peru   Lima (Fab Lab Lima, National University of Engineering)    ???
Russia   Moscow (MHTCh FabLab)  
Russia   St Petersburg  
Spain   Barcelona (Fab Lab Bcn, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia)    ???
Spain   Bermeo (DenokInn)    ???
Spain   Madrid (Absolut-Lab)    ???
South Africa   Bloemfontein (Central University of Technology)    ???
South Africa   Cape Town (Cape Craft and Design Institute)    ???
South Africa   Kimberly (Northern Cape Higher Education Institute)    ???
South Africa   Potchefstroom (North West University)    ???
South Africa   Soshanguve (Bright Youth Council)    ???
Switzerland   Luzern http://luzern.fablab.ch

roman <dot> jurt <at> fablab <dot> ch

Switzerland   Neuchatel   planned
Switzerland   Bern (FabLab Switzerland)   planned
United Kingdom   Manchester (Fab Lab Manchester delivered by The Manufacturing Institute)   AAAA
United States California, Palo Alto Stanford Learning FabLab    ???
United States California, San Diego FabLabSD    ???
United States District of Columbia MIT CBA Mobile fab lab at North Cap    ???
United States Florida, Sarasota G.WIZ - The Science Museum - Faulhaber Fab Lab    ???
United States Florida A2 Fab Lab, University of Florida http://arts.ufl.edu/aafablab/ CCCC
United States Georgia, Savannah Savannah College of Art and Design    ???
United States Illinois, Chicago (Museum of Science and Industry)    ???
United States Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab    ???
United States Kansas, Overland Park Center For Advanced Professional Studies    ???
United States Maryland, Catonsville Community College of Baltimore County - Catonsville    ???
United States Massachusetts, Boston South End Technology Center   AAAA see website for open access hours
United States Michigan, Ann Arbor Taubman College Digital Fab Lab    ???
United States Michigan, Detroit Incite Focus Fab Lab    ???
United States Michigan, Flint Mott Community College Fab Lab    ???
United States Minnesota, White Bear Lake Century Community and Technical College    ???
United States New Mexico, Albuquerque Fablab ABQ    ???
United States New York, South Bronx Sustainable South Bronx    ???
United States Ohio, Cincinnati University of Cincinnati DAAP Rapid Prototyping Center    ???
United States Ohio, Cleveland MC2STEM HS's Mobile Lab, at the Great Lakes Science Center [1]  ???
United States Ohio, East Cleveland MC2STEM High School, GE Nela Park    ???
United States Ohio, Elria Lorain County Community College    ???
United States Rhode Island, Providence AS220    ???
United States Wisconsin, Appleton Fox Valley Technical College    ???
United States Wisconsin, Menomonie University of Wisconsin–Stout