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The Set-up and Run Portal
Fab Lab is far from being a franchise ... so here we collect ideas and examples of setting up and running a Fab Lab

Setting up a Fab Lab ("Fab Lab Design Patterns")

Inspired by the "Hacker Space Design Patterns" I (trox) provide here my insights (so far) on the topic, intended as an RfC

Starting a FabLab is a Q&A page for all your questions and answers ... make sure to watch the page so you don't miss the action.

"The Fing published an overview" of Fab Labs, too.

Running a Fab Lab
Sustainability and Business Models
Who can help
  • John Boeck
  • Eddie Kirkby (Fablab Manchester)
  • Peter Troxler (International Fab Lab Association, Stichting Fablab Nederland, Fablab Switzerland)
  • Sherry Lassiter
  • Tomas Diez