Silk screens print making

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Acryllic frames
Acryllic frames
Put mylar between frames, and stick it with double tape and normal tape
Laser cut *Raster *Auto Focus *Resolution: 75dpi *Speed: 1 *Power: 5
Solid color printings, use 100% black, else you will have bigger dots

Materials needed

  • Anti static bag made of mylar
  • Acryllic frames
  • Double sided tape

Design it

  • Make any design in your 2 D program, (e.g. GIMP or Inkscape.)
  • Prepare your material (mylar and acryllic frames), see images aside.
  • Raster cut it in your laser on mylar.

Epiloglaser Machine settings cutting mylar

If you are using 35 W Epilog laser use these settings:

  • Raster
  • Auto Focus
  • Resolution: 75dpi
  • Speed: 1
  • Power: 5

If you want to have solid color on printings you should have your image 100 % black.

<video type="youtube">1zOH1xy8UUI</video>