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Fab Bootcamp Jan 2011

We will have international Fab Bootcamp before FabAcademy starts.

Check out the site Bootcamp Jan 2011

Sculpture System No. 5 set up in Vestmannaeyjar

SS5 IMG 0829.JPG

Can you get children and young people to build mathematical scultptures in their own time?

The goal of this project was to open the idea of mathematical art to the crowd and see where it is taken. Whilst traditional artwork is monolithic and static, our idea was to create a social piece of artwork that had the ability to evolve over time. In addition by playing a role in the design and construction the community is involved in the art from the beginning, not mearly as observers. See more

DIY Motor in 12 Easy Steps

This tutorial will teach you how to build a very simple DC motor.

Diy motor 15.jpg

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