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My name is Anna Rún, I am 18 years old. I live in Sauðárkrókur,Iceland. I am a student in Fjölbrautaskóla Norðurlands Vestra.


Here below are all the projects that I have made and some others.


My first project was just a test with plexi. I made a key ring in the shape of a butterfly.


I made myself a box for my paintbrushes. The container I kept them in before was not stable and always falling over and the paintbrushes whent all over the floor. So I made a box from red transparent plexi-glass. I cut it so the sides would coincide with each other. I´m going to put the vector picture in and a picture of the finished work so you can see how it is. After I cut it out in the laser I glued it together with a special glue that melted the plastic together. It works perfectly. I was even thinking about making another box for my pencils and pens, they are usually all over the place.

I made a key-ring for one of my older brothers in the shape of an eagle, because his name is Davíð Örn and Örn means eagle. The plan is to make keyrings for my other syblings as well. My other older brother´s name is Árni Þór, Þór like the norse god so I´m going to make him Mjölnir, Thors hammer. My little sisters name is Auður Ásta and Ásta is derived from love so her´s will be a heart with her name on it and a little picture of Hello Kitty, because she really likes Hello Kitty.

Another project I have ready is a christmas crown. The plan is to cut it from transparent plexiglass. on the crown will be rastered loads of snowflakes. I hope it will turn out good, because I am making it for mom and another for a family friend.

Vinyl stickers

The first sticker I made was a swallow. I found a pictures of a swallow and made two stickers opposite to each other. They are now on my bedroom wardrobe in red.

I also made a sticker for my little sister, she is 5. One wall in her bedroom is really pink so I made a branch in black vinyl and lots of little cherry blossoms in white. It turned out really good on the pink wall, though it was a bit hard to stick it on the wall because it´s a little rough. The branch was 50 cm in lenght and left a lot of room, so I made some more stickers to utilize the space. One was "Home is best" eða "Heima er best" which is a icelandic saying. I made 3 Babuskas and but them on my computer. ALso my house number 10 in big letters and least but not last a little floral picture.


My tree

We were supposed to make a "3-D" project. I decided to make a tree, not for any special use, I just wanted a tree. I also wanted to have natural so got some plywood to lasercut it from. There were some problems with it though, because the first time in the laser it didn´t make it through. It was a little risky to put it in again because I changed the x,y position of the laser, but it made it through a live. I have now based it?, not sure if I am using the right word, but it was a cherry colour.


I bought some cheep cented candles in Ikea to test out the raster on glass. I found a picture of a simple black lace so I could change it into vectors. I wanted the picture to go all around the glass. Because the glasses did not have the same radius on the top and on the bottom, I made loads of calculations but they didn´t turn out right. There is a triangle on the back with no pattern on where I wanted the pattern to meet perfectly. I have to look some more into that before I make the second glass.