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Name: Anton Örn Björnsson

Ég í gamla daga

Place: Vestmannaeyjar.

School: FÍV College

Hobbies: Sports, music , cinema , computers , games , friends & family

Projects for fab103

My 4 months have been quite interesting. I did few small projects but i didn't have the time to finish them.

My first project where small drawings in Inkscape.

My First Project was just made from the basics of Inscape.The prjoect was called "Byrjendaverkefni" Just a simple drawing with some colors and my name.

My first project

My Second project was made the same day as my first project, It was callde "kall". I was trying out my skills in Inscape. So it is not so good becaus i just learnt the basics of Inscape the same day. Basicly it is a human head.

My second project

My first pressfit project. Frosti gave us a project, the project was to make að simple pressfit project from the basic that he had tought us in Inscape. So this was my outcome. I don't have any pictures beacause my bag was stolen in school with my pressfit project. I did use the laser to complete this project and it was successful.

My first pressfit project

My first sticker project it was called "Bielawski" So our task was to make a sticker in Inscape. When i was making the sticker the mahince could not process the pictue of the human being so the machine stopt. The machine had then cut out the word "Bielawski". I took the words and put it on my computer. This project was successful

My first sticker project

My second pressfit project. The task was to make a difficult pressfit project. The parts had to be more then 2. So i drew it up in Inscape. This project was few days in the making. But in the end i used the laser and cut the project out. I told you earlier that my bag was stolen, this project was also in the bag so i don't have any pictures. But i can tell you this, it was successful.

My second pressfit project

My third pressfit project. I took my second pressfit project and made it more extreme, more pieces in the puzzle. I used Inscape for more drawings but i never had the time to make this task perfect. I used the laser to cut this project out and it almost fitet all together but if i had some time i could make it perfect. Sorry there is no pictures the pieces were in the bag.

My third pressfit project

My first blender project and my puffin project. Erwind tought ous the basics of blender. Our task was to make a project in Inscape or Blender and project had to make something with a puffin. So i had to think alot what to make. Finally i found a idea to make a puffin coin in Blender. I thought it would be very easy. I only knew the basics so i wasn't great. It took almost three weeks to make that coin in 3d in blender. I found a puffinn on the internet i trace bitmap it inkscape so i could import it in blender. In the begining i was using the new blender. But when i had finshed the picture in the inscape i could not import it into Blender because the image was in svg format so i had to download the old blender to import the image and make the coin all over again. So when i was finished with the coin and importing the puffina and making some letters on the coin, then i had a littler problem because to picture was not mesh so i had to make the image a mesh so i could finish the coin. But making the image a mesh made the computer crash a billion times but in the end i could finish my coin. So i was going to cut the coin into some wax but the came another problem, i did not combine the letters the coin and the puffin. So i try to do that making my computer to crash a billion times. I did combine the letters and the coin but the image of the puffin was to difficult. So this task was un successful. I didn't have any time to finish the project because the school was almost over. Maybe some time i can finish my coin.

My first blender project and my puffin project
My first blender project and my puffin project

Gamalt verkefni


Gamalt Lokaverkefni