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Mr. Baldvinsson

The man in question

About me

My name is Arnar Baldvinsson and I live in Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland.

I am born in 1993 and study at the college here on the island. I chose to take FAB103 out of pure curiosity.

I have no prior experience in 3D modeling, designing or anything else that could help me on the course but am hoping for the best.


  • Music:I play the trumpet, piano, drums and other stuff. I play in a local Brass band and I play soloist trumpet in a Jazz band. I also like listening to music, any kind is good. Except country.
  • Movies: I make it a point to know everything I can about movies, actors and everything else that has to do with movies. I also watch them.
  • Video Games: Favorite time-waster.


A true work of art

Mario sticker

My interpenetration of a bird
4 of the 8 pieces

A small warm up in using the vinyl cutter. The pixelated nature of the image makes it a pain to cut out.


My first attempt at a PresFit kit. I tried to avoid the typical angular style of the PresFit and tried to make the kit a bit smoother. Unfortunately both computers that had the finished kit crashed so I am currently only able to upload a sample I had prepared earlier. I will upload the rest when I get my old computer, hopefully in one piece.


I directed and shot a documentary about the Icelandic sagas starring Matthías Harðarsson, Ísak Máni and Bjartur Týr Ólafsson among other people. <video type="youtube">jaXFP3X9rUY</video>

This one is in English. We made this video for the kids in the E-twinning project. They were from Sweeden and it is an introduction to Vestmannaeyjar and its culture. <video type="youtube">vbj6JXZ9krA</video>