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  • My name is Bryndís Ýr Gísladóttir
  • i'm 19years old
  • i am from iceland.
  • i am a student in fablab Vestmannaeyjar. Fab103 :)
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I found a picture of snoppy on google and than i used inkscape and draw something in it and put snoppy on it. Then when i was done i used the lazer cutter to cut it out in plexyglass and rasterised snoopy on it to.

3D star

I drew a picture of a star and a box inside the star that was 2mm and i dublicated both, than i drew it the otherway on the star, then a cut it out in the lazercutter and then when i was done it fit together. ''

Pressfit Box

I drew a pictur of a box in inkscape that was 50mmx50mm, than i had three 2,8mmx10mm on the top and botton of the box and had one in the middel and the other two on the side, than on the other 2 sides of the box ther were two 2,8mmx10mm and they are like the would be between the others, then i had to move them all by 1mm eather 1mm less or 1mm more, depends on what i had to do.
When i was done i cut 6 sides out of the box and put them all together so the pressfit together. 



I drew a picture of the tabel on top of the nightstand and then the foot. The nightstand is suposed to be a pressfit work also. I havent finished it but it is almost ready, the classes are over but i'm going to finish this work after the exams are over.