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I`m Live in Ukraine - Kiev My Working Admin-IT in ukranian national payment system Easypay.Ua Job - economical cybernetic 2001 - finished abiture to KhNAU (KhAI - Kharkiv Aviation Institute) 2004 - stoped study - NTU (KhPI - Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute) 2013 - finished study - KhNURE (Kharkiv National University Eletronic)

On a competitive basis based on interviews hired in Easypay.Ua, where, after an internship with the June 1, 2011 taken on as attendant information and counseling center. Performing the duties of the operator, proved to be a bona fide employee of a diligent, attentive and careful in the performance of his duties to provide operational advice to clients. Quickly mastered the specifics and a large amount of information required for operation. In the course of helping colleagues in the development of new working material and dealing with difficult situations. For their quality and diligent performance of duties from 1 January 2012, he was transferred to the position of shift supervisor, where justified their confidence, timely response and skillfully resolving problems of varying complexity. Due to operational needs, from 1 August 2012 was transferred to the technical support department for the position of System Administrator, where he currently works. In duties include: consultation on technical issues with regular partners of the company, prompt solution of technical difficult situations, as well as the primary processing of correspondence and technical correction, according to the requests of partners, technical specifications for software developers.

Please tell us little bit about yourself (minimum 15 words).