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My name is Erna and I live in Vestmannaeyjar (Iceland). I study in Framhaldsskólinn í Vestmannaeyjum and i like painting, fashion and make up.

Please tell us little bit about yourself (minimum 15 words).

I have made a heart shaped pressfit and a black box which was a pressfit too. I made a sticker with the logo of the band Pixies. 
I'm still trying to make earrings of an indians like pocahontas.. but not pocahontas.

IMG 0724.JPG

I made a shelf in the big vector machine and then i'm going to paint it.

IMG 0897.JPG

I made a Vestmannaeyjar shaped thing which i'm going to give my sister as a christmas gift.

I made the versace logo as a sticker to put on a wall in my room. It was pretty cool :)
IMG 0928.JPG