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About me

Hi! My name is Guðrún Ósk. I come from Vestmannaeyjar and I am a student in a Fablab course trough my college, Framhaldsskólinn í Vestmannaeyja the courses name is Fab103 . I have many various hobbies and I want to make something really fun and original in this course but its a bit hard finding that what that thing is! :)

My fablab projects

We use a program called Inkscape

Laser cutting project

Hello Kitty key-chain

My first project was made out of plexiglass and I made a red Hello Kitty key-chain. There were some difficulties at first, it didn't cut trough the whole thing it only rasted the picture and it was too big for the plexiglass piece I had picked out. So instead of making a blue see-trough key-chain it turned out too be red key-chain and it looked pretty good! (Picture later)

Press fit - Snowflake

For my first press fit project I decided to make a snowflake, maybe for christmas, and I made little holes in it so I can hang it up. Like the keychain, I had some difficulties, it didnt fit and I picked a plexy-piece that didnt fit and the gap to put it together was to small. But in the end it finally came together and now I can hang it up like a christmas decoration.

Press fit - Box

We all made a press fit box. That was really fun and fortunatley I had no difficulties this time. Then I decided to make it look like a dice and everything went according to plan and I'm really happy with my dice!

The press fit box