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I grown up in a farm where everything was made by itself and so I learned how to use every tools and instruments a craftman could know. I studied in agricultural school and meanwhile I started to study by myself computerization and informatics thanks to friends, games and internet. I went in Australia for a year to learn English and other agricultural coltures, that opened my mind, I always added my competence and knowledge to the family farm, even when I was in USA working as startupper and logistic counselor for import-export of wine and food. I always keep studied and trained my English and I try to do the same in all what is science, nature and super nature, tecnology, entertainment, friendship, sharing. I love to use all the media and tecnology that I can afford for both busines and fun purposes. I meet the Open Source, Maker and DIY "worlds" recently, but it was inside me since I was born and I think there is a huge gap between what is real and what the people think it is real...I just want to close that gap or at least put a huge sign MIND IT!!

Please tell us little bit about yourself (minimum 15 words).