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I am almost 20 years old and I live in Blönduós, I go to school in Sauðárkrókur and I'm almost done.

Manchester United Logo and Keychain

First I found a picture of the logo online, put it in Inkscape and worked with it there. Then I found a red plexigler plate and carved the logo on it using the Vector laser. I also created a keychain from the same picture, I only made it smaller and created a hole for the key ring.

4 Superhero Stickers

I decided to create 4 stickers for my little brother's birthday so I found 4 pictures of his favorite superheroes, put them in Inkscape and worked with it there. Then I carved them out of the Roland vinyl cutter and took the parts, that I didn't want to use, away using tweezers.

4 límmiðar myndir.jpg 

9 Cardboard Forms

I was supposed to do another clicking assignment (like the bike) but now with many more forms and make them all click together, it didn‘t have to be anything special so I decided to make 3 squares, 2 circles, 2 stars and 2 triangles. Then I made slots in everything, the slots must always be as wide as the thickness of the material you are working with. Then I carved it out and all the pieces fit perfectly.

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2 Engraved Glasses

I decided to put a picture of my grandfather, who has recently passed away, on 2 glasses and give them to my grandmother and my mother. Originally I was going to put his face on the glasses but it didn‘t turn out great so I decided to put an angel on them with his name under.

Fablab 017.jpg

An Engraved Necklace

I decided to make my mother a necklace for Christmas so I found a picture of a heart, wrote her name on it, made 2 holes for the chain or string.

Fablab 025.jpg

Ryan Giggs Tribute Shield

I wanted do a tribute to the legend Ryan Giggs so I found a picture of him, his jersey, the Manchester United logo and the English Premier League trophy. Put them all in Inkscape and worked with them there, put some text on it as well and a frame and then it was done.

Fablab 006.jpg

Jewelry Tree

I decided to make my mother a jewelry tree for Christmas as well as the necklace. So I found a good tree picture online, put it in Inkscape and duplicated it. Then I put a slot in both of them so they would click together, some holes for the earrings, carved it out of a blue perspex plate andi t was done.

Fablab 028.jpg Fablab 036.jpg

Motorcycle and Stand

We were suppose to carve something into wood and make it click together so I decided to make a motorcycle and a stand for it, I found a picture of a bike online and put it in Inkscape and worked with it there. Then I created the bike stand from scratch in Inkscape and it fit perfectly.

4 límmiðar myndir.jpg