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(Where can you find Samúel)
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*[http://twitter.com/#!/samueljon Twitter]
*[http://twitter.com/#!/samueljon Twitter]

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Who is Samúel Jón Gunnarsson

Samúel Jón Gunnarsson is a electronic engineer from the University of Southern Denmark that loves to program and hacking both hardware and software. Samúel currently works as a system administrator and programmer at National Land Survey of Iceland and as the chairman of the board for the Fab Lab Akranes project. Samúel often goes by the nickname Sammi or Samueljon.

Where can you find Samúel

You can find Sammi on these websites below and sometimes on his own website http://www.villingaholt.nu which he doesn't update very often though he likes to :)

TestSMW -