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Viktor Rittmüller (20).

I am half icelandic and half german. I am a student in FAB103 on the Westman Islands (Iceland).

FAB103 Projects

BMW Keychain

Viktorr 2.jpg

My first project in FAB103 was to make a keychain in Inkscape with the Epilog Laser. I wanted to make a BMW keychain, a circle with the logo rastered into it.

First I simply found an image of the BMW logo and imported it into Inkscape. On my first attempt to cut it, I saw that I made the mistake having the entire image at 0,01 mm width stroke style. This made the laser cut out all the letters in the logo when I only wanted the circle.

So I made an identical circle as another layer over the BMW logo and disabled the stroke style on the logo itself. Then the outcome was as I had hoped.

Vinyl Cutter

My laptop needed a facelift, so I made a sticker to glue on it. Funny was, people thought I got a new laptop because it looked new with the sticker on it.