Experiments with laser cutting

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My first plexi inlay piece
I watched a video tutorial about making plexi inlays in mdf by the previous finnish interns and followed the instructions to make my own key chain. The pieces fit really well and I decided to try something else with the same technique. I really like maps, so i thought about making a map of central Reykjavík while mixing laser techniques, engraving the roads and cutting away the ocean and ponds, replacing them with blue plexi.

I fetched the map from google maps but before I started vectoring it, Linda suggested that I'd try rastering the picture rather than engraving it. That seemed like a good idea, and I went with it, while still cutting away the water areas.

Rastering and cutting the 19 cm plate took about 17 and a half minutes.
The finished map.
The map and the blue ocean pieces.