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Fabfi saidjalal brandon naqibullah.JPG
Author: Keith Berkoben, Amy Sun, Kerry Lynn, and others.
Materials: Plywood and chickenwire
Tools: Shopbot or Epilog Laser, staple gun, zipties
Difficulty: Average
Estimated time: 1-2 days

This Page describes fabfi 1.0. As of Oct,31 2009 we will be on release 2.1, which is substantially different than what is explained below. Sadly I do not know Icelandic and can't fix the content below. For the up-to-date English version, go to the fabfolk fabfi page. From there you will find an elongated description of the current version, and links to the current wiki and design files.



Wired router
Wireless router
Backside of router

Net cable


Waveguide focus

Waveguide focus side.png Waveguide focus top.png


Example of use: Jalalabad, Afghanistan

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