Furniture design class

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Project date: February 2015

Designs made by: students from Fjölbrautaskólinn í Breiðholti

Teacher: Hugrún Þorsteinsdóttir

Course: Rýmishönnun FB

Designs made at: Fab Lab Reykjavík with the Shopbot PRSalpha 120x60.

Sif Alexandersdottir.

She designed the stool on here own, did the drawing in Sketch up (on her own) and milled it out in Fab lab Reykjavik.

Thank you for your assistance, she was very happy about the results.

Last work she did in the course was to designed a lamp that she made in the laser cutter. I think that was here first project in Fab lab.

Kristjan preparing his drawing for his chair. Now we will see if it fits?