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Gimp is an open source photo editor, similar to the commercial program Photoshop. You can use Gimp for editing images (pixels).

Example of what you can do is: cutting and re-sizing format of file like scaling down to web quality. Adjusting the contrast of the image, so you have a better result with laser cutting. Making an drawing by hand using various brushes and textures of the program.

To download Gimp, visit:


Important basics

Advanced basics

How to make ...

outlines for laser rastering

  • Filters -> Artistic -> Cartoon
  • Filters -> Artistic -> Softglow
  • Filters -> Artistic -> Cartoon

change image like it was drawn

  • Filters-> Decor -> Old Photo -> OK
  • Colors -> Invert
  • Filters -> Edge Dectect -> Edge
  • Colors -> Invert
  • Colors -> Brightness & contrast