Leather engraving experiments

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I had left over designs from a cancelled bronze casting project. I liked one of them and wanted to laser print it on my leather phone case. First I had to make some experiments with scrap pieces.


So I simply made a vector usable for cuts (0,02mm in Inkscape), but then used a smaller power. The material I used is 3mm thick, industrial, vegetal-tanned cow leather.

I experimented with a couple of different settings before finding results I liked.

Here's the results:

  • 50 Speed / 50 Power / 500 Frequency = Thick black lines with a lot of brown near the edges.
  • 50 / 30 / 500 = Less burn marks.
  • 50 / 15 / 500 = Lines still think and black. Burns only near intersections.

Went for a significant change in power to see how fine I can go

  • 10 / 1 /500 = Extremely fine and light lines
  • 5 / 5 / 500 = Deep cuts, but not through. Thick black lines but less burning than the first ones.

I noticed small corners on a circle and tried to get rid of them

  • 5 / 1 / 500 / 300 dpi = Darker fine lines. Small corners on a circle.
  • 5/ 1 / 500 / 1200 dpi = Same but without corners

Turns out the printing dpi affects vector smoothness. I suggest 1200 dpi for all curves.

Using deeper cuts I will be experimenting to make patterns on leather and then bending them to bring out interesting surfaces.