MIT or not MIT? -- on the use of the name MIT in the lab name

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We often get the question on the conditions for calling oneself an "MIT Fab Lab".

The simple answer is: under no condition you may use the name "MIT Fab Lab".

The longer answer here is from Sherry Lassiter:

Hi Peter,

MIT is incredibly protective of its brand, so you are right to ask.

In general people can say, and it will be tolerated, "we are a part of, or we are participants in the international MIT fab lab network"

It is never OK to brand oneself as the MIT Fab Lab. (...) This can't be tolerated in the network.

Tulsa does have a formal relationship with MIT, a paying customer so to speak, through their corporate roots, Spirit Aerosystems, which is a CBA sponsor and helped start the fab lab effort in Tulsa. So their collaboration is correct.

No one can use the MIT logo, and no one should name their fab lab "MIT fab lab". I think if one talked about their lab as a MIT fab lab (which could be construed to mean that they are a part of the network) that might be tolerated, but safest is to say we are a part of, or are participants in, the MIT fab lab network. And in no case use MIT's name or logo in any branding or official naming of the fab lab.

I suppose you could also say we follow the MIT fab lab model and that would be fine.