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Welcome to the Fab Wiki,
The wiki for and by the whole fab community.
Hosted by NMÍ Kvikan.
Currently there are 330 articles.

Welcome - Velkomin - Welkom - Ongi etorri - Benvinguda - 歡迎 - Bienvenue - आपका स्वागत है - Willkommen - Fáilte - ようこそ - добро пожаловать - Bienvenida - خوش آمدید

Thanks go to for hosting this wiki which over the year has become the most authoritative, community-built source of information about Fab Labs.

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Recent Changes (includes new users)

5 December 2016

 N   12:59Season's Greetings Cards ‎(diff; hist; +594) ‎    ‎SannatuomosdottirShow user links (Created page with "File:Xmasballs.jpg Here's a Christmas card model I made. For engraving I used 400 DPI, Speed 100 and Power 50. First I cut the right size of the card with the...")
    12:46(Upload log) ‎    ‎[JohannaMaria; Sannatuomosdottir‎×4]
 N   11:30Whale Tail Niddy Noddy ‎(diff; hist; +375) ‎    ‎SannatuomosdottirShow user links (Created page with "Came up with the idea of making myself a little memory of Iceland in an item I have needed for a while. Niddy noddy is very useful especially when making a hand spinned yarn y...")
 N   11:16Measuring tool for knitting needle ‎(diff; hist; +448) ‎    ‎JohannaMariaShow user links (Creating a new page and uploading pictures.)
 N   10:59Voodoo Measure ‎(diff; hist; +248) ‎    ‎SannatuomosdottirShow user links (Created page with "File:Voodoodoll.jpg Designed this little voodoo doll for measuring knitting needles. There's a one little hole for key ring, so it will be handy to carry aroun...")
 N   10:41Heartcone ‎(diff; hist; +577) ‎    ‎SannatuomosdottirShow user links (Created page with "I draw this pinecone shape with hearts in Inkscape and then cut it with laser using different kind of setting (changing DPI, power and speed) and materials (paper, cardboard,...")