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Our first project working as interns at Fab Lab Reykjavík was designing and making our personal name tags. This gave us an introduction to Inkscape and Epilog Mini 24.

Our idea was to have Moomin characters in the design to signify our nationality. Linda pitched in a cool idea of inlaying some coloured acrylic to make the FabLab logo. I started out by choosing a Snufkin picture and tracing it manually with bezier curves. I liked the outline so I went with just cutting a hole instead of printing the texture of the character.

I placed the FabLab logo so that it's a little bit outside of the bounding box of the card. I used duplicates of the box to cut the logo into shape. The resulting shapes was used to cut the acrylic pieces for the inlay. Also added a cut for the cord to hang the card.The text I had to run a couple more times to make it dark enough. A 400-grit sandpaper got rid of burn marks left from the cutting.

After glueing the acrylics into place I noticed them being a bit wobbly. The width of cut was not taken into account in this inlay so I wasn't that surprised. Ended up cutting a piece of vinyl to stick on the back to support the inlay.