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Project date: 25. till 30. march 2014

Order To Effect website | Facebook event page

Order To Effect is a conceptual pop-up restaurant, where guests order the effect the meal has on their body instead of the ingredients. Each course consist of ingredients that positively affect one part of the body, for example the eyes or the heart. By doing that, we want people to realize that they affect their bodies by what they eat, that food does not only make you full but keeps the body healthy. Mundane things like avocado, eggs and fish effect your body in many ways and help it stay healthy.

You could order to effect during the Design March when we were open at Satt, Icelandair Hotels.

Project order-to-effect 1.JPG Project order-to-effect 3.JPG Project order-to-effect 5.JPG

All the cardboard plant boxes and decoration in the big cabinet have been made with the lasercutter at FabLab Reykjavík.

Project order-to-effect 2.JPG Project order-to-effect 4.JPG