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The Events Portal
Events provide opportunities for the Fab Community to meet in person and share knowledge. Some events are formally organized around training, working development need, or by interest.

Upcoming Events

fir a bestguess try fabevent.org

Global Conferences


Fab-✱ are events in Europe that help to grow and link the national Fab Lab communities.

  • Fab-✱ events events cover a topic that is relevant beyond any single FabLab; they attract significatly more than just the local community.
  • Fab-✱ events are widely and publicly accessible.
  • Fab-✱ events are about learning collectively.
  • Fab-✱ events require a certain effort of self-organization.
  • Fab-✱ events further Open Knowledge – their results are publicly and freely accessible (Open Access).
  • Fab-✱ events are affordable for participants and organisers, and they are not dominated by one single financial sponsor.




Workshops / Working Groups

See also

  • Makers Calendar by ultra-lab, a collaborative calendar about events related to open-hardware, digital fab, hacking, diy, etc. (can be added to google calendar and ical)
  • Bootcamps

Archive: Past Events