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Name: Gísli Matthías Sigmarsson. Hobbys:cars,Motocross,Fab lab, Machines, and more.. Age 17.

My Fab Academy Site


  • Selfreproducing machine
    Fab Academy assignment 1

This machine will work on the 3 axes sled system,the only thing is that you have to put it together by your self the machine can not do it. It works so: Theres a special unit that you put on the axes movement for example raster tooth,vinil blade,3d plastic squirter. I havent got time to think about the circuit boards and programming and steel compoments.

A Semester Project

I'm going to make a walking puffin out of press fit componements, that swings his wings wile walking. Then I'll make a circuit board witch will react to my orders. I think I´m going to let the puffin answere simple questions and more more..Which I´ll have to think about later on, the possibilities are endless!

Here's a video file but it doesn't yet look like a puffin but it's A bird..

<video type="youtube">tjha9uPK07Y&hlI</video>

Time frame for the Semester Project

To finish this project I need to set some time frame,but for me to estimate the time is not to easy but I^m going put up some time frame anyways.

-What has to be done-

The Puffin Structure has to be made.

The walking unit installed.

The Legs has to be connected to the walking unit.

The costume that wraps around the structure has to be seewed.

The circuit that connects the 1M Flash memory to the at48 and from that to the speaker board has to drawn up and be made, the circuit is suppose to be able to store all the programming (the sentenses)that the puffin is suppose speak.

Then maybe if there is some time I will make gears that will connect to the walking unit gears,and thats done to make the puffin also move his wings or his mouth maybe.

What's happening in the development #1


<video type="youtube">8cFde1OCWWs&hl</video>

  • I've made the structure ( 4mm plywood) later maybe balsawood (lighter than plywood ).
  • Inserted the gear system.
  • That's the progress I'm making.. The puffin is not walking but there is not long way before he will learn to walk.
  • The next thing I'm going to try is to set the legs diffrent so one leg is in the back and the other one front because other wise it wont work.
  • Then I'm going to make bigger toes and hope thats enough to get him walking.
  • If not I'm going to make A joint at the bottom of the leg that connects to the feet and hope that it will work.

  • After I've seen it working I will make circuit with button and resistors to minimize the voltage from 9V battery to what I need (Wich I dont know until it walks) and insert the circuit and the battery.
  • When it's walking it needs to be talking, so the next thing to do is to make A circuit with 1Mega Bit memory then connect to speaker and store the soundfile.

Attempt #2

2010 06 01 057.JPG

<video type="youtube">nqAhJdwCuWo</video>

  • I tried to make joints as on the top 2 pictures, But that did no good.
  • I made flexture legs and clear plexi under the feet to balance, It was nearly impossible to make it balance because of the hight and weight.
  • I used rubber tape (used to seal windows) under the feet to get better grip

After this video I tried to make it lighter and instead of having plywood I had balsawood and the puffin was allot lighter but dident improve the walking.. It made it worse and the puffin was just spinning the legs on the same point.

I was going to use the H-bridge to make it walk for some time and then stop for 10seconds or something like that but when I was experimenting with the written program in avr studio I was able to make it go forward and backwards. So I made it go forward and then tried it out with A motor and It did work, but... the 9volt battery dident have enough current to make it walk ( The puffin is heavy.)

Attempt #3

<video type="youtube">Y4NULcDJqVQ</video> Pictures of the journy..

<video type="youtube">9figw_6cJLM</video> The H-bridge working.. with 9volt battery but It's still not enough power to make him walk and I dont know if I need to define that in the programm or use more powerfull battery.

The power supply needs to give it 3,1volts-3,8 and the current were in the range from 0.84-1,26 ampers.

<video type="youtube">bBNGioHDC_c</video>

Final results.. the puffin is walking and is balanced but still not talking.., It was hard to make it stable and not fall over and then make him wobble like puffins do. I was going to make hinges on the wings and connect to the legs with some kind of arms but when I tried taping it for the first try it was to heavy for the gears so I just used glue and made them swing wile the legs were stepping.