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Project instructions

  • read an AVR data sheet
  • make serial and programming cables
  • add (at least) a button to the serial echo hello-world board
  • modify the serial echo assembly program to respond to the button
  • modify the serial echo C program to respond to the board

What I learned wile doing the project

  • First mistake I made was based on my knowlage of the modela machine ,what I did was.. I drew the circuit board in inkskape and exported to png file. The thing that I did wrong was to take try printing it directly like I'm use to with cad file. First you need to write the actual size of the board in inches in the Cad program. That is the diffrence between taking A cad file into Cad program and taking A png file.

  • The second one I did was that I soldered the "at tiny 44" the oppisite way.

  • Wile I made my programming cables I connected one of them wrong and it dident work so I made a new one and it worked.

Here are few prictures of the final board

IMG 0354.JPG
IMG 0355.JPG
IMG 0356.JPG
IMG 0361.JPG

Is it working

Yes It's almost fully functional ,the led is blinking whenever I press any key and the characters appear on the screen,

but I'w not got far enough with the button function but I'm going to make it all work in matters of time.