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This is a project that i already started at fablab 203 in school and finished in Fab Academy 09' I Made a pokertable and this is the materials that are needed:

12" and 15" 2,75*122 ply wood boards.

Red felt.

Black vinil.


Ultrabright led lights.

Few meters of christmas lightcables.

A stable gun.


Strong glue.

                                                                                - How to make-

I cutted out the two ply wood boards and glued sponge on the upper one than I stretched the black vinil over the sponge and stabled it to the ply wood (did same to the lower one but with felt and no sponge).Then I Made holes in the red felt for the leds and rasterd "Royal Flush" (best hand in poker) in 6mm plexiglass.When that was all dun I laid the cable on the board and screwed it together from the bottom side of the table.Later when I have time I want to upgrade the table by putting cup holders under the table so you can slide them out.

                                                                                 -In the making-
Cutting out the inner plank and behind me is the outer one.

Figuring out where the leds should be.

                                                                              -Final product-
3337829092 ef600b73e3.jpg

Tool Box

File:Verkfæraskápur.pdf This is the file so If you are intrested you can print it out ;)

Wile sanding the filler and then primer.
-Final product-
-Final product-

Corner shelf

This was a pretty easy project that I made for my garage It's just 7 peaces that you can pressfit together,but I'm gona put few screws aswell just to be sure.. If I have some heavy things on it. Here are the drawings -> File:Hornhillsa2.pdf

Behind the shelf is the waist material
Behind the shelf is the waist material
Behind the shelf is the waist material