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                       Gísli Jóhannes Óskarsson,
                       Teacher at The Primary School at Vestmannaeyjar.

Some videos:[[1]]

This Bootcamp_Jan_2011[2] I have been working at projects in Inkscape and Blender so far. In Inkscape I made some simple labels intended to be useful when indicating which kind of smoked meat I have been working at each time see an example atFile:Merki Ina.pdf. Then I experimented with a sphere and a cylinder and fused those forms in The Blender program. After fusing I the product in two halves. Then I wanted to see the product in a solid form. So I used the Shopbot. Since the product was supposed to have the dimensions(200X120X60)cm I had to carve it out in four slices. Amazingly to me the shopbot carved it out perfectly.

Gisli 30MS.jpg     Gisli3 CU.jpg  Gisli 2CU.jpg    Gisli10MS.jpg