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I am a student in fjölbrautarskólinn FNV learning fablab and i would like to have a page on my name so i can show the things im doing in the classroom and freetime. I had another one but it expierd and i would like to add my name to my school side.

Please tell us little bit about yourself (minimum 15 words).

I have been making signs for doors with names on it in diffrent shice and shapes in inkskape i just found the forms on google and changed them in inkskape and cut it out in tree and then i was trying to draw in 3D but that did not work really well but as i tryed more then on the end i could find out a way to use it .. and then i made sticker about a musicmaker that my boyfriend likes and now it´s on his Ipad inside his studio and tryed to make a keymark on plaxglass and that was really cool with hello kitty in rastings and i gave that to my child becouse he liked it really well. In my work here i have been making more things for my family what i can use at home and that is my plan to do. But i have been really much away for sicknesses in the family and meetings and i havent been able to do everything i wanted to do. But i do everything i can when i can be in the class. My big idea was to make a table with artwork inside of it and i havent had time to do it yet but im still finding a picture i can use for my table at home and the nametage for the front door.
I have many idea´s that havent been done by me yet but i am working on it.