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3D printer

The set: 3D printer, Kinect camera, computer

With 3D printing let your project become real! With this process you can make a complexe item without difficuties. In fact this process can creat rather all kind of formes thaht you designed. The principle is quite simple: You just have to design your project on a 3D software as fusion360, Solidworks, blender etc and send it to the 3D printer. The machine will calculate you object and kut it into small layers and print all layers on by one stating by the ground. And then the machine will print up all the layers to the top of your object.


  1. Connect the Kinnect comera to the computer
  2. Open the software called RECONSTRUCTME
  3. check on the preview that you are in the middle of the volume. If not, adjust the kinect.
  4. click on SCAN
  5. Turn arround yourself. The kinect will tall you when it's ok with a sound.
  6. You've scanned your face!
  7. Now you can export it to a 3D model. Clic on SAVE and choose the extention you want:
  • .ply to keep the textures of your 3D model
  • .stl for 3D printing file (Stéreolithographie)

3D printing

Our faces printed
  1. Turn on the Computer linked to the 3D printer
  2. Copy your stl project fil to the desktop.
  3. Open the software called MAKERBOT.
  4. Put your file inside the window
  5. Do adjustments (rotations, translation, dsposition, scales etc...)
  6. Check that there is enought plastic filament on the roll and there is two layers of paper sticked on the printing surface.
  7. Click on preview and check the time and weight estimation.
  8. If it fits, clic on PRINT.
  9. Stay near by the machine while the first layers are printing. If it looks good you can leave the machine working.

Print your projects in 3D

Pivo designed on Sketchup

Of course, you can also print something else than your own face. Try with your projects:

  1. Design it on a 3D design software such as, Blender, Sketchup, Rhino, 360fusion, Solidworks, Creo etc..
  2. Exporte it as a Stereolithographic file .stl
  3. Enjoy!