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Vinyl cutting

The vinyl project
With the vinyle cutting we managed this project. The goal was seeing the glass wall better and avoid people to get the glass right in the face.

Vinyle cutting machine takes into acount vector to cut. In the FabLab Reykjavik the machine used is a Roland-GX24 and we use the opensource software called Inkscape to edit our projects.

Editing a project

  1. Open Inkscape and draw what you want. You can also import a picture frome your computer and converte it into vectors or draw above it.
  2. Your drawing done, clik on edit fill and stroke.
  3. You do not have fill by cliking on the cross.
  4. You do have a stroke that must me full red (255,0,0)
  5. Change the thikness of the stroke to 0,02mm. The vinyle cutting machine takes into account these settings only thaht why it's very important to check if they are ok.
  6. Then ou can change the propertie documents in order to fit the page to the objects you've drawn just befor with a small margine
  7. Exporte to PDF file with the resolution you want and the extra-space settings you want.


The screen of the machine
Wheels on white lines, Lens and Knife
  1. Above all turn on the machine
  2. Open your PDF file
  3. Check the Vinyle you take is large enought regarding to your drawing
  4. Put your Vinyle into the machine. You must check:
  • The Vinyle is lenght enought to cover the lens.
  • The two little wheels allow the vinyle to move, so check that they stay on all the lenght of your vinyle piece or roll. Moreoverver, each wheels must be on the white lines.
  1. Close down the sink behinde the machine to lock.
  2. On the machine screen use the arrows to choose the what you want:
  • PEACE if you want to print on a pieace of vinyl
  • EDGE if you want to print on a roll of vinyl
  1. Press entrer. The machine while auto-calliber and tak into acount the thiknesse of the film.
  2. Click on PRINT in your PDF file. A print window appear.
  3. Clique on properties an then on get from machine. This action will take into account the dimesion between the two litlles wheels you defined before.
  4. Check your project is not bigger than the working space you can see on the previe.
  5. Choose Fit or Actual size depending what you want and if it matter.
  6. To finsih, clic on PRINT.
  7. Enjoye technologie!
  8. When it's finished, oen up the sink, take off your piece and press ENTER on the machine screen.


To sticke you must:

  1. Take the vynigle that you don't want to use.
  2. Put the transfert tape on your vinyle.
  3. Press it down and make sure to push the air bubbles away.
  4. Take off the support
  5. Stick it where you want. You can wet the surface before sticking in order adjust it well but you must wait it to be dryied.
  6. Take off the transfert tape!