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Roland Stelzer founder and head of "Happylab - Vienna Fab Lab". He is the president and scientific director of INNOC (Austrian Society of Innovative Computer Sciences). He completed his degree in Computer Sciences at the University of Derby in the UK. Since 2004 Mr. Stelzer has been performing research in Vienna on intelligent controls for autonomous sailboats as part of his Ph.D. studies at the Centre for Computational Intelligence at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. He is also the co-ordinator of the Centrobot project, an international robotics initative between Vienna and Bratislava supported by the European Regional Development Fund. As part of his work with INNOC Mr. Stelzer developed a network of experts in the field of robotics and, primarily, in autonomous sailing. As head of the Roboat project, under which the world’s leading autonomous sailboat at present was developed, Mr. Stelzer and his team were not only able to produce numerous publications, but also succeeded in winning international prizes. Mr. Stelzer is also the founder of the International Robotics Sailing Conference, where he held the position of general chair in 2008, and was also a member of the programme committee of the International Conference on Robotics in Education 2010 (RiE). In addition, he was the guest editor of a special edition of the ÖGAI journal on the subject of robotic sailing in 2008.