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Participant in Fab103, Fab203 og Fab Academy

Project robobt

Fab Academy

Fab Academy, Final Project

Assignment 1

Fab Academy assignment 1, Unnar

similar to rep rap, the table does not move.

Press fit

Pressfit circle and lines

Assignment 2

build hello.serial.45

Circit board

For the first try I broke two drill on the milling machine, but I fynist the curcuit board. Soldering first I turnd ATTiny45 rong,two I put 1K in stet of 10K three I solder two legs on ATTiny45 two gether. Removing ATTiny45 I olmost damist the board. removing 1K I used two solderingiren on its end.

its vorks...

Assignment 3

Make something BIG

Pressfit circle and lines
Pressfit circle and lines

Assignment 4

build hello.echo.44.MTA Embedded programming Project

Assignment 5

molding and casting

Assignment 6