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Starting of in the local hackerspace Forskningsavdelningen in Malmö, Sweden and through a hackathon came in touch with the FabLab community, specifically, Tomas Diez. I grew to know the FabLab network more in depth after volunteering to work at FabLab Barcelona for two months in preparation for Fab10. I was enamored with the FabLab community and the ideological and societal implications. Soon I applied to FabAcademy where I did my final projet on Open Source Sextoys.

With a background in graphic design and webdesign, a large artistic drive and a passion for the lab movement I got to work at Lund University building up the lab ProLab which is still under development. Volunteering on my free time in Fabriken, Malmö I find myself in the middle of the Nordic Maker movement.

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