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So I'm making a boat thanks to Haakon. A viking boat no less. Below are the steps I took to make it. I used Inkscape to design the boat and the Epilog laser machine to create the physical thing.

Version 1

The first version was just to see how creating boats would work. I opted for a skeleton style boat. The first one was a disaster. None of the measurements were right it did not look like a boat. I used one long rib for the middle section, along the length of the boat, one horizontal one to be the 'deck' and then one rib.

Version 2

For the second version I did a little more research. and changed version 1 to fit. The design was the same though only with some change to the measurements. I'm ready for my first 'real draft'.

Version 3

I did some research and traced a real viking boat to get the shape right. This version has a single rib in the middle that connects to the deck to see how the fit is.

Version 4

Lots wrong! I made more ribs but the sizes are almost all wrong. I used a technique for measuring the sizes of the ribs but made some mistakes with the gaps. Good tip: measure from the bottom of a press-fit gap and not the top.

Version 5

It's starting to come together! The ribs are too small though and they don't fit with the deck. This is a minor fix and version 6 will be successful I hope!

Version 6

sizes wrong, otherwise fine, minor adjustments made.

Version 7


Many things wrong, stroke, wrong sizes, didn't cut.

Version 8


Almost perfect. Some sizes wrong. Rib 3 needs wider, ribs 5 are too high. In the next version I will fix these minor issues. It was also suggested I add a second 'middle' deck. So in the next version that will be my main focus.

Version 9

Added a middle deck and adjusted minor things and it all works! Everything fits. I got very lucky. I also used simple logic to determine sizes combined with some measuring. This version is now dubbed the final technical version. The next and hopefully last version will focus on aesthetics.

Version 10


Changed the head of the ship, the tail and increased some roundness the sides of the decks. Improved overall symmetry and fit. This is the final version. I must say I am very happy whit the result.

'Final version

It can be downloaded below. It comes in two parts.

Media:Boatv10.svg Media:Boatv10.2.svg