Automated central tire inflation system

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Project date: September 2014

Design made by: Björgvin Rúnar Þórhallsson

Design made at: Fab_Lab_Reykjavík with the [ Roland Modela MDX-20 | PCB milling machine]].

I am working on a project at Reykjavik University to design and build an automatic control system for central tire inflation system for Icelandic glacier jeeps. The purpose of the devise is to increase traveling speed in challenging off road conditions and increase lifetime of tires of modified jeeps. The project is now in design and build phase but is expected to be finished in December 2014. The printed circuit board for the device was milled in the Roland Modela MDX-20 located at Fablab Breiðholt. The device contains pneumatic valves controlled by a microcontroller, pressure sensors and a human machine interface.

2014-10-04 12.29.12.jpg


Making a PCB

Step 1. prepare design & lasercut.