Scale model Bern Swizerland

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Project date: October 2014

Design made by: The 2nd year of Architecture students - LHI

Design made at: Fab_Lab_Reykjavík with the lasercutter.

The second year of architecture in the Icelandic Academy of the Arts was given project situated on a lot in Bern Swizerland. So the class had to make four Scale models of the lot and its surroundings in the scale 1:200. The model had to include streets and existing houses, a steep hill sloping down to the river of Aare and a large bridge.

The land itself was made using the stacking method utilizing a large lazer-cutter in the workshop of the Academy. We decided however for the scale houses to use the two smaller laser-cutters FabLab Reykjavik had to offer.

The 3D models of the houses were made mainly after images from Google Earth since we did not have any drawings of the houses in the area. The models were then exploded into surfaces that were cut out of 1,5 mm cardboard. Rhonoceros was utilized to make the drawings.

Cardboard-house.jpg Cardboard-house-2.JPG

Settings on cutter for 1,5 mm cardboard:

  • Speed: 30
  • Power: 100
  • Frequency: 500

Settings to make foldable cuts:

  • Speed: 30
  • Power: 10
  • Frequency: 500

FabLab - BernLand - PDF-1.jpg FabLab - BernLand - PDF-2.jpg