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hello, my name is Logi

self constructing machine

Self constructing machine

1.scanner that will scan a part and do it in 3D so the Leiser can cut it 2.very strong and accurate Leiser that will be able to cut out things without having to go close up to the subject that you put the item on, and the bottom can go ring after ring so the scaner can scan all sides of it 4.pillars that the laiser will be stuck on, the pillars will be able to move aside and the laiser up and down on the pillars 5.sledse that makse the pillars abel to move aside that you will need to file oute the size and everything in the project


this is my pressfit project, i created an air plane.


air plane File:Flugvel.pdf


okey, this week i made an hello buton, i had som trobble with the welding at first, buad when i thought it was allt reddy we started to have some problem whith the programing, i havent programed it yet cus we ar stil haeving some problems the computer will not accept the hello button board r sumthing

hello button