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A crazy project inspired by the mini-fablab, the fablab squared and my various travels with a reprap or more machines.

Because a fablab truck could be awesome, but if you have to take a plane (or by bike when we'll run out of oil) you'd better have something more compact.

  • The arbitrary goal is to make everything fit inside two luggages of 23kg (which is the weigh limit for a luggage if you travel with Air France)
  • Such a kit will allow easy installation of a temporary fablab or to bootstrap a fablab's machines anywhere (the MicroLab may not have the same capacities of a full fablab, but with small machines you can make big machines ^^)

Thus also in the spirit of the RepLab (http://forums.reprap.org/list.php?128 and http://groups.google.com/group/replab/)

http://wiki.nybi.cc/index.php/%CE%9CicroLab (same in French and shorter)


What I imagine to have today in that theoretical kit :

And a good toolbox !

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